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Thailand’s world famous kick boxing style draws big crowds. Another famous local sport is takraw. People play it like volleyball, but only with feet and without using hands. Kite-flying is also very popular in Thailand. Background of festivals is the Buddhism or changing of seasons.

The Wai is the traditional greeting in Thailand. You can also use it to say sorry and thank you, or to show respect to another person, Buddha image or other religious item.    

monk meditating, novice in Thailand

If you are introduced to a Thai and that person Wais to you, then you should reply the same way. Normally younger people will greet first. The Wai of a small child can be replied with a big smile. If a stewardess or a waitress Wais to you, then you should not do the same back because it is inappropriate, but a smile is always welcome.

People from Thailand are friendly and tolerant, but you should always be informed about what to do or not to do in this country. Don’t touch people’s head. Stay calm with a smile in your face and enjoy the hospitality of Thai people.    

The official language in Thailand is Thai. English is also spoken almost in every tourist location.

The Thai King and the members of the Royal Family are very famous in Thailand. Thai people like their king very much because he is listening to their concerns and interests. That’s why it is unacceptable to disparage members of the Royal Family. Since the 60th anniversary of the king’s reign, it has become fashionable to pay respect to the king by wearing a yellow shirt every Monday. You will also need to stand up in respect to the King at the beginning of films and to stop walking and stand during the playing of the national anthem.