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If you are seeking an experience of ultimate quality, style and performance, a luxury yacht is the way to go! Crewed luxury yacht charter in Thailand may cost no more than an exclusive hotel or cruise on a ship, except you have more freedom of movement as well as privacy. The hospitable and attentive crew will give you and your friends their undivided attention. You will have a personal chef to whip up some exotic and delicious dishes at your desired timing and dining location – whether it’s finger food at evening tea-time on the deck as you watch the sunset, or fine dining experience.

Luxury charter yachts come in all shapes and sizes and also serve different functions. You can have a sailboat, a motorboat, a classic yacht or ultramodern yacht and so on. What our yachts have in common is that the interior saloons are spacious and decorated in a unique way to make it feel like you are in a luxurious hotel. The private cabins are large with individual ensuites. Decks are roomy and big so you can enjoy working on your tan or simply laying outside conversing with your travel companions.

Many luxury yachts in Thailand come with adrenaline-pumping options for you to enjoy; kitesurfing, stand up paddle board, water-skis, kayaks as well as diving equipment can be added to your charter. Each charter yacht has also a dinghy to bring the guests ashore to the beach during the day or to dine out at night.

Each of the the charter yachts exude power and grace, letting you experience all the luxury with the water spraying on your body and feeling the heat of the tropical sun on your face, with nothing but the gentle rocking of the boat and soft humming of the engine to remind you of where you are. You don’t need to have any prior boating experience because you will have a charter crew navigating the yacht, getting you safely and smoothly to your destination.