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Thailand is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is a country with a large diversity and great culture. The landscape is tropical and very fertile. There are 60 million inhabitants living in Thailand with a very close connection to Buddhism and Monarchy. Thai devotion to their religion is a colourful and omnipresent spectacle. Glittering temples and golden Buddhas shape the rural and modern landscape. Thais like to participate in ceremonies and rituals to honour the spirits. They believe it will bring them luck and grant their wishes.        

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There is a good reason why Thailand is the most visited country by tourists in Southeast Asia. Travelling to Thailand is something very special. Thailand has a tourist friendly policy, a well equipped infrastructure and hotels where guests are treated like kings. Thailand is a country full of surprises: deep jungle, crystal blue and warm sea, secluded beaches, fascinating islands and delicious food. Thailand is an exotic and safe country. It is cheap, but offer all the modern comfort. There is something for everyone, backpacker bungalows at the beach for young travellers looking for adventure or fascinating and luxurious hotels for guests with a higher budget. Apart from the large number of tourists pouring into the country every year, Thailand kept its own history and culture. 

Before starting the journey, you should know some facts about Thailand like the weather, transportation, what to do or not to do in Thailand, culture, important telephone numbers and further information. Well informed you can enjoy a relaxing and stress-free journey.