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If you plan your holidays in Thailand, don’t worry about your health and safety. Thailand is a very safe country, normally free of crime and most dangerous diseases. But we recommend to take some precautions to ensure you have a safe and relaxed trip.

Thai people always have respect for one another. Be always respectful too. Avoid being alone at night in remote areas and always keep track of your valuables like wallet or camera, especially when you are in crowded public areas.

Visit your doctor or a travel clinic before you go to Thailand to find out if your vaccinations are up to date. Also be informed whether you need to take malaria pills and which type is effective in the region you are staying.     

woman, nurse in Phuket hospital

In Thailand malaria is carried by mosquitoes. The best way to avoid mosquito bites is to cover your body up with your clothes. Long sleeves and trousers are necessary, especially in the evening. White is a good colour to wear – mosquitoes avoid light colours because they are easier to see and kill by people. That’s why mosquitoes like darker colours as they make a great background to hide against.

Avoid drinking tab water and your stomach will stay fine. Don’t forget to eat only made-to-order food and avoid food from the street. Instead we recommend to eat in established or tourist-oriented restaurants.

Many hospitals in Thailand offer a world class service, especially in Bangkok and Phuket. If you need the police, there are police stations and tourist police booths located in and around all major tourist areas. Policemen in Thailand are typically very helpful to foreigners.

Emergency Telephone Numbers:

  • For 24 hour emergency assistance dial: 191
  • For tourist police:  1155 or 1699