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Chartering your own yacht gives you the possibility to sail by your own wherever you want and whenever you like. Around Phuket you will find some of the most beautiful sailing areas. And on top there is no better way to spend time with family and friends than to take them on a bareboat charter vacation. Together you can have the time of your life full of fun, beauty and adventure.

To give you the choice to choose your dream yacht, we continually investing in, customizing and regularly adding new and popular yachts to our fleet. By sailing your own yacht you can decide every day where to sail, to anchor and spend the night. Just feel the freedom to be one with the nature. If you are looking for adventure, there are several exciting open-water passages around Phuket.

Phuket bareboat charter start at 3.00 pm or 12.00 noon (depend on the charter company) and end at 10.00 am or 12.00 noon (depend on the charter company). Early boarding is possible with extra charge.

Bareboat charter do not include crew, provisioning, national park fees, fuel costs or insurance.

Before leaving the dock, you will be given a full chart briefing and detailed yacht systems and operations briefing. In some cases the charter company will ask you to do a quick check-out cruise around the harbour to establish your boat handling abilities. The whole briefing process takes around 2 hours.

Charterer’s responsibility:
You as a skipper of the yacht are responsible for people on board. You are also responsible for every damage, loss or theft that may happen during your sailing cruise. Damages to the boat are covered by your deposit. During the briefing the yacht charter operator will inform you about the best choice of the anchorage for overnight stay. Choosing the right location or picking up a mooring buoy and the checking of its reliability are on your (skipper) responsibility.

Charter Security Deposit:
If you charter a bareboat you will normally be asked to pay a security deposit. Security deposit can be paid by credit card or by cash at the charter base. You will get your deposit payment back if you return the yacht in good condition. It is very important that you check if there are any yacht damages before taking the yacht, or you might get charged for it. Document anything that isn’t right. You can also use your digital camera to make pictures of something that is not correct. This way you avoid any argument with the charter operator when returning the yacht.

Security Deposit Insurance:
Many charter operators provide an insurance against the loss of your security deposit in case the boat is damaged during your charter. The fee for the security deposit insurance is non refundable. Please contact us for more information.

You can do your own shopping before you charter the yacht. There are many high quality grocery stores on Phuket island, like Lotus, Big C, Super Cheap and Village Market. There you will find everything you need from gourmet foods to peanut butter. There’s no need to bring groceries to Phuket.

For customers who want to save time, some bareboat charter companies offer to do the shopping for you. After choosing the boat you are going to charter, we will send you a provisioning list with set prices. Please note that some items are not available and prices are subject to change without notice. The package size can be different as shown on the list. Your orders are paid at the beginning of your charter at the base in the local currency. “We are here to help you and to answer any questions on your provisioning needs.”

Sailing Resume:
The sailing yacht you choose must suit to your level of sailing ability. To make sure your cruise is safe and comfortable you must be able to navigate the yacht. Fill in the sailing resume form (provided on request) and we will let you know if you are allowed to charter a bareboat in Phuket.

For insurance purposes and as a “first time” guest, some bareboat companies will ask you to sail around the harbour with a check-out captain to make sure that your sailing resume and skills match. The charter companies also will ask you to verify that you are aware of the rules at the sea and are able to read a nautical chart. If you are comfortable with your sailing abilities and knowledge and have sailing experience (as mentioned on your sailing resume), you should receive your bareboat without any difficulties.

Note: It is important to submit your sailing resume for approval before paying for bareboat charter, if you have any concerns about your boat handling abilities or experience.