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Situated around 60km off Phang Nga province, Surin islands are a group of beautiful islands not far from the Burmese border. This group of islands is known for the settlement of native sea gypsies, who maintain their ancient customs and traditions. There are many paradisiacal little inlets and larger bays on the shores, with a thick forest on the land, spanning 135 square km, ending within 15 km of Burma.

Home to one of the most well preserved and most beautiful coral reefs in Thailand, the waters are fairly shallow and facilitate a great dive or snorkel without the need for scuba equipment. As it is a part of a national park, Surin islands maintains some great anchorages and camping sites. The ideal anchorage during the NE monsoon is at Koh Surin Nua. Several yacht moorings and larger moorings are also accessible at a small fee.


100 km NW from Phuket, you will find an archipelago of 9 islands called the Similan islands. Voted one of the top 10 diving & snorkeling sites in the world, the coral reefs and ultra-clear waters make it an ideal spot to observe and experience marine life in their natural ecosystem. If you enjoy watching small fish, the Similans are hard to beat for the sheer numbers and varieties of tropics. You can see also large fish, like whale shark. Divers often report a visibility of 30 meters or more. The underwater rock formations at Similan islands add to the dramatic beauty of the virgin, unspoiled nature at its best. Similan Islands are accessible only in the high season which lasts from October to May. You can use one of the overnight anchorages at Koh Similan and Koh Miang.

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There is no better way to experience
the south of Thailand with its hundreds of islands than by boat.